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How to Plan a Successful Business Luncheon in Northern NJ

Providing food at a corporate event is an excellent idea for several reasons. It engenders good faith with clients and other stakeholders, keeps your employees happy and productive, and generally makes for a pleasant and more relaxed atmosphere.

Providing food is good. Providing food that is of high quality, beautifully presented, and undeniably delicious is even better. But more than just a fantastic spread goes into a successful business luncheon.

Read on for all the details you'll need to throw a corporate luncheon that attendees won't soon forget.

Determine the Theme

A business luncheon can take many forms. It can be a formal sit-down with clients, a lunch and learn seminar, or a catered networking event. When planning your business lunch, you'll first need to decide what purpose you want it to serve.

Is it celebrating a big win for the company? Showing appreciation for your hardworking employees? Are you nurturing important business relationships?

The event's theme and tone will inform many of the decisions you'll need to make in your planning. Once you've determined what message you're looking to convey with your event, you'll find many other details will fall into place.

Choose Your Venue

One big decision you'll have to make is where to host your business luncheon. As mentioned above, sometimes, the luncheon theme will naturally lend itself to a specific location.

For example, a lunch and learn type session is best hosted in the office, with catered food brought in. On the other hand, an attempt to wine and dine clients may work better in an up-scale restaurant. A networking event with many people could be held in the office or a neutral location such as a conference hall or hotel, with catered food brought in.

Pick the Perfect Menu

Finally, there's the all-important decision of what type of food you want to serve. Again, the location and theme of the event will all play into this. As will the tastes and expectations of the attendees.

Make sure you choose a caterer you trust that will be able to offer guidance in this area.

Some common-sense rules apply. When it comes to any meeting that will involve note-taking, presentations, or looking at information on a device, the easier to eat the food is, the better. Anything that can cause splashback or hat to be eaten with your hands is a no-no.

If you know your attendees are particularly health-oriented, reflect this in your menu choices. If the attendees are teetotal, make sure there's no alcohol present. Use contextual clues when choosing your menu, and you won't go too far wrong.

Make Your Next Business Luncheon a Success

If you're planning a business luncheon in northern New Jersey, consider David Alan Caterers. With countless corporate events catered and professional clients served, we've got the experience and expertise to help you make your next corporate lunch a hit. Get in touch today to discuss menu options or request a quote.


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