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How to Choose the Best Corporate Caterer

Who doesn't love a good office party? Whether you're celebrating a successful end-of-the-year or saying goodbye to the employee retiring, corporate events can be a considerable boost to office morale.

But with over 130,000 caterers in the United States, the next logical question is: how does someone choose the best corporate caterer? Many factors go into finding just the right business to handle any size office shindig, down to the very last crumb.

So, where to start? Read on for some tips on how to choose the right corporate caterer.

Find a Corporate Caterer That Is Efficient Yet Detail-Oriented

Experienced caterers know that for every business, time is money. So ask them for their recommendations based on the size and nature of your corporate event.

Is this a small office party, a large business meeting, or an event catering to hundreds? A caterer will know the difference between those, what methods will work and what won't.

For example, say a person would like an afternoon meeting catered. There are many points to cover in the meeting, so the food presentation has to be fast. If the caterer recommends a long buffet line, it could show a real lack of understanding on their part.

Also, when a corporate caterer is making recommendations, how detailed are they? Do they seem eager to incorporate specific requests, a certain ambiance, and other intricate details that make a corporate event or party a success? Their level of attention to these seemingly unimportant details will show their experience with pulling off a winner.

Ask For References and Licenses

Others that have hired the caterer in the past can be excellent sources of information. Ask past customers about what they liked (or disliked) about the caterer.

You can even ask the caterer themselves what types of business industries they have catered for in the past. Knowing their background and what they have handled will build a work history that you can either get behind or decline.

What about their other credentials? Are they licensed and insured per local requirements? And if a person planning a corporate party is thinking of serving alcohol, does the caterer have the proper licensing to serve alcoholic beverages?

Check Out Their Level of Experience in the Industry

If someone wants to throw a high-end VIP event for their corporation, a simple run-of-the-mill caterer who operates out of their home kitchen may not be enough. A higher-quality experience requires that they provide things like table linens, silverware, and the right number of serving staff.

Make sure you do your homework as to the nature of the events they have worked for in the past. Choose someone who has worked in the industry long enough and has the resources that the next corporate catering event requires.

Hang On to the Good Ones

If you follow the above tips when on the caterer search, a person can be sure to find one that will make a lasting professional relationship. Once you have found a corporate caterer that blows the next office event out of the water, make sure you hang on to them. It'll make all the employees in the office look forward to the next event with anticipation.

Are you looking to cater the next office party, meeting, or corporate event? Contact us today to get your free quote!

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