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Shiva Catering

Shiva Catering

Shiva Food and Catering

When preparing and coordinating the catering for a shiva, the first decision to make is to choose what type of food the mourning family wants and will find most comforting. Although you can serve many different food types at a shiva, the most common and conventional types are traditional Jewish delicatessen foods. Like many other traditional style foods, sandwich platters and smoked fish can inspire comfort to the mourning family with their familiarity. However, traditional food may not always be the preference of the mourning family. In this case, there are many nontraditional and regional food options to consider. Although traditions provide a useful starting point, the shiva's food should be whatever the mourning family favors. If the mourners like, for example, Italian food, then this may be an appropriate option for the shiva.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that enough food is present for the entire length of the shiva is to enlist a professional catering company's help. David Alan Caterers has provided shiva catering services for 30+ years and can help you coordinate your shiva catering needs.

Contact David Alan Caterers today to begin planning a shiva.

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Shiva Food and Catering - We'll Take Care of Everything

It is prevalent, and at times necessary, for catering to be offered during a shiva. Over time, the presentation and availability of catering at a shiva home have become a primary focal point for the shiva planning process. Although traditionally, the food and shiva catering meals are usually reserved only to offer support to the mourning family, in many cases, the offering of food and beverages at a shiva has evolved to extend to those making a shiva call. David Alan Caterers can help provide catering for your shiva.

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