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Bris Catering

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Welcoming Your Baby Boy is a Blessing Like No Other - Treat it as Such!

At David Alan Caterers, we enjoy being one of the first to say, "Mazel tov!" Welcoming a new baby boy into the world is a blessing like no other, and as Jewish parents, you'll want to ensure that he's welcomed to the Jewish community following the age-old tradition of a bris. A bris, also recognized as a brit milah, occurs on the eighth day of a baby boy's life and includes a circumcision-centered ceremony that signifies the agreement made between the Jewish people and God.

Bris Catering

At David Alan Caterers, we work with a few local temples that can perform the ceremony and host the celebration after. Wherever you choose to hold your baby boys bris, as you have a mohel present to conduct the ceremony, it does not matter. A mohel is a trained Jewish man or woman who can complete the circumcision and direct the religious ceremony. Often, the mohel may have recommendations as to where the ceremony should be held. Our bris catering services are perfect for your baby boys bris. Contact our catering team to begin planning your bris ceremony!

Bris Catering Services NJ
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