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How to Pick the Best Event Caterer and Avoid Mistakes!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hosting an event sounds exciting, but the process of planning it can be equally exhausting and overwhelming. Many aspects will demand your consideration, and catering is one crucial element you cannot take lightly.

Food is a critical component of any event and can significantly influence your guests' impression of your event. Selecting the right catering service is crucial to ensure your guests leave the event fully satisfied. However, remember that hiring a caterer is not just about ensuring the quality of the meal.

Event Catering Company

Here's a guide to help you pick the most appropriate catering company for your event.

Consider Your Event's Size and Specific Needs

Always ensure your potential caterer has adequate experience in successfully handling similar events. Simply put, they should know how to manage the number of people you plan to invite and the complexity of the service while keeping calm under pressure.

A well-experienced catering company will not hesitate to share its portfolio and successful work experience with you. Their team is often well-trained to manage different tasks, show flexibility in handling various roles, anticipate any issues that may arise, and communicate effectively with multiple people whenever necessary.

Keep in Mind The Location

When selecting a catering company, consider your potential caterer's business location and the distance they will travel to reach your event's venue. You should pick a caterer familiar with your event's venue or a similar venue to avoid any last-minute hassles or other unwanted circumstances.

Listed below are a few questions that you should discuss with your potential catering company:

  • When will they need access to the venue?

  • How do they comply with the requirements of water, electricity, and refrigerating space?

  • How much time will they need to set up and clear the catering paraphernalia?

  • Do they provide and set the dinnerware?

Discuss Your Expectations

Planning and organizing a party is a stressful endeavor for everyone. And one thing that can make every other task simpler is effective communication. This is especially true in the case of food and entertainment.

Therefore, when interviewing a catering company for your event, clearly communicate your expectations and ask how they will adapt to any last-minute changes. Here's what else you can discuss with your caterer:

  • Do they provide sample menus?

  • Do they have a cuisine specialty?

  • Do they allow customizations or substitutions to their set menu?

  • Are they flexible in accommodating specific dietary restrictions?

Check Out Their Reviews

When hiring a catering company for your event, you want to trust that your caterer will fulfill all their promises and expectations. But how do you ensure that? Well, one of the ideal ways to ensure the reliability and professionalism of your catering company is by looking for referrals and reviews.

Consider checking their client testimonials and other online sources, including their social media channels and website, to get a sense of their competency. Remember that a well-established catering company will always be willing to share its past work experiences with you to help build trust.

Understand Your Caterer's Food Preparation Techniques

Another critical question you should consider asking your potential catering company is where and how they'll prepare the food. Make sure your catering or event budget covers the cost of set-up and delivery logistics too.

Such information will equip you to develop your event timeline accordingly to avoid unwanted situations. Remember that off-site food preparations can have a few undesirable consequences, so be aware of the possibility of late delivery and limited menu items.

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