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David Alan Caterers was started in 1986 by David Alan, with a vision to one day be New Jersey's #1 Caterer. Over the last 30+ years, David Alan Caterers has filled numerous special events throughout New Jersey, New York, The Hamptons, and Connecticut with impeccable food & service. We offer our catering services to both social & corporate clients with exceptional culinary options that will both satisfy and exceed your catering expectations. Our menus range in different taste palettes & styles of food, and we always accommodate all of our customer's needs.


David Alan Caterers' highly-trained team is dedicated to producing your perfect event. Our team of catering experts will carefully source the best ingredients and prepare innovative menus to please your guests. Our expert event planning team will run through every detail to ensure that your event runs seamlessly and that our on-site event staff will create a sense of ambiance and style that will make your event memorable. The combined, focused talents of everyone at David Alan Caterers will be there to reflect your vision.


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What began 30 plus years ago from his mother's Livingston garage has now expanded to a full-time catering, restaurant and entertainment business for David Alan Fabisch. David Alan, who grew up in Livingston and along with his wife and business partner Staci Fabisch, is raising his three children here and has a simple philosophy for his success.


"I took my grandfather's advice of offering fresh food, on time and reasonably priced," he said.


While David's business philosophy appears simple, he has worked hard to retain both his clients and his employees. "You don't limit what you can give the customer," he explained.


From his start in his mother's garage, he took on any catering job, storing his equipment in Livingston and travelling to jobs cooking whatever the client requested. As for his 80 employees, he treats them "like his second family," greeting them by name and offering them opportunities for advancement. In a business that has constant turnover, many of his full-time employees have been with him for more than 20 years, beginning with Executive Chef Steve Shuldman, who had worked previously with Fabisch. As for treating his business partners like family, nobody comes close to that than David Alan's Vice President, Staci Fabisch. After their wedding, David convinced Staci to invest all their wedding gifts into the business. "It was more important to grow the business than to buy a house," David commented.


Staci Fabisch, who manages David Alan's Marketplace, a gourmet eatery located adjacent to the catering headquarters, recalls feeling "petrified" about making an estimated $30,000 investment in the business. 


"But I married the right man who knew what he was doing," she added.


Fabisch's food business career began at age 10 when he was offered a position performing odd jobs at the Heritage Diner, located a block from his home and later became the Ritz Diner. He eventually worked at Short Hill Caterers and other establishments while working toward an engineering degree in college. With such a strong love for the food business, at age 21, Fabisch decided to leave college and begin his own catering business. While his move might have seemed risky, his growth has been controlled. "Everything runs uphill. Every decision comes back to me," he added.


With catering contracts across the state and on-site business contracts, the business does operate on a 24-hour basis, with the day crew beginning at 5 a.m. with breakfast orders. The catering business handles anywhere from 20 to 60 jobs daily, with about 12,000 jobs yearly. While Staci Fabisch spends approximately four days overseeing the Marketplace, David Alan is on hand 24/7. Typically, he goes home for dinner and to spend time with his family, including his three children, Samantha, Sydney, Dillon. Enjoying the quiet of the corporate park, Fabisch will return to the office around midnight to finish up paperwork until around 3 a.m. "Then it is up again at 6 a.m. for a new day, " he stated.


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