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How to Cater A Bar Mitzvah on a Budget?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Organizing a bar or bat mitzvah party to celebrate your child's transition into adulthood can feel exciting and full of emotions. It is a joyous and proud occasion for any parent to mark this milestone in their child's life. Given that, it only makes sense that this occasion requires excessive planning and resources to celebrate it successfully!

However, you don't have to break the bank in hosting a memorable bar or bat mitzvah party for your kid. There are easy ways to save money while planning a night to remember! Do you want to know how?

Cater A Bar Or Bat Mitzvah

Below are a few tips to help you cater a bar or bat mitzvah party on a budget.

Plan Early

Planning a bar or bat mitzvah party for your child can be arduous, especially if you're organizing the ceremony yourself. To best set a realistic budget, it is recommended to do your research beforehand to zero in on the caterers you want to hire and their pricing.

Beginning your planning at the earliest point will give you an upper hand to make informed decisions and ensure everything is in place.

Consider Your Guest List

Being wise with your guest list is another practical tip to prevent your budget from getting out of hand. Remember that not everyone in your immediate circle of friends or extended family needs to be invited to the ceremony. So, if you are planning your child's bar or bat mitzvah on a budget, reduce your guest count as much as possible to prevent going overboard and paying for extra people.

Opt For a Buffet Instead of a Sit-Down Meal

Your bar or bat mitzvah's catering expenses can get significantly high if you opt for many passed hors d'oeuvres, a multi-course sit-down meal, and a gourmet dessert table.

Instead, opt for a buffet-style meal, as it is more cost-friendly and equally enjoyable when organized with the assistance of an experienced catering company.

The cost of a catered buffet meal per person is relatively less as it does not require a large standby staff. Once you cut down on the cost of staff, you can easily include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes to accommodate the needs of your guests.

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