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Fancy Tipples: The Best Alcohol Gift Sets You Can Buy

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Mother's Day. Father's Day. Christmas. Halloween. Birthdays.

There are so many holidays that inspire you—or require you—to buy a gift for someone. When in doubt, it may seem like the easiest gift option is alcohol.

But there are so many alcoholic gifts sets out there that it can be hard to choose the right one. Need a little inspiration for your next present-shopping trip? Here are some of our favorites.

1. Belvedere "Happy Birthday" Bottle

Do you know a vodka lover who's turning another year older? If so, this customized Belvedere bottle could be the perfect present.

It's a bit pricy, but it comes with a fancy bottle full of booze, for one. The container hides one more secret—it has LED lights underneath, making it bright and colorful and festive for a birthday party.

2. Il Gusto Vodka Set

Speaking of vodka, this gift set from Il Gusto could suit your friend or family member, too. If they like vodka, you have a world of options to customize this option.

You have your choice of 12 different vodka flavors—including gold-flecked options—in a handful of various sizes. The package will be custom packed and include a little letter from you, too. So long as your recipient likes vodka, they're sure to enjoy this option.

3. Ketel One Bloody Mary Gift Set

Now, you might know that your favorite vodka drinker uses the stuff to make one cocktail in particular. This Bloody Mary box has the must-haves to create this brunch beverage—the booze and the tomato juice.

4. Bailey's Gift Set

Let's switch gears and talk about everyone's favorite liqueur, Bailey's. This gift is cost-effective, and it's more than just a bottle of the good stuff. It also includes a pair of cups so the recipient can share a tipple with someone—perhaps with you!

5. Fairytale Fantasy Wines Half-Case

What's better than six bottles of wine as a gift? Six bottles of wine that come with a fairytale theme.

That's what you get from this Wine Insiders set. The selection includes a rosé, zinfandel, merlot, and chardonnay, among other choices. There's undoubtedly something to suit the wine lover in your life and a few more bottles, just for good measure.

6. Aperol Spritz Gift Set

You need two ingredients to make a good Aperol Spritz: Aperol, of course, and a bottle of Prosecco. This set saves you from having to pick up those bottles and package them up yourself.

Spirited Gifts, which offers the Spritz-centric set, has an option for engraving their bottles and boxes, too. So, if you want your present even more personalized, you have a few options to do so.

7. The I Miss Brunch Survival Kit

Perhaps you know someone who's struggling sans brunch—and all the light cocktails that come with it. This kit will help them prep all of the libations they miss. It contains mixers to create Bellinis, Bloody Marys, and Rosemary Collins.

Again, you're not buying gifts to get one yourself. But all of these brunch cocktails will need drinking. All the bottles you purchased may appear at your next group breakfast—further incentive to send this fun alcohol gift set.

8. Whispering Angel Bottle in a Bag

You could send a regular, old bottle of Whispering Angel, everyone's favorite rosé. Or, you could spruce it up with a few gifting options to make it special for the recipient.

On Reserve Bar's website, you can have your bottle engraved. You can have it sent in a bag or even in a leather bottle holder. And you can opt for one, two, or three customization options, depending on your budget.

9. Don Julio Glitter Bottle

This gift's pricy, but it certainly gives an air of celebration to whatever celebration you have ahead. That's because the bottle's covered in glitter—a one-of-a-king iteration of Don Julio Tequila Anejo 1942.

10. Ketel One Botanical Box

Cucumber and mint or grapefruit and rose? Whichever you choose, your Ketel One botanical box will be a hit.

It's built for a ladies' night in—it even comes with a marbled cheese board, coasters, and a vase. Oh, and, of course, the booze is in there, too. All the giftee will need to do is invite over a few friends to enjoy it.

11. White Claw Gift Basket

Handing over a six-pack of White Claw doesn't have an air of occasion. But a White Claw-themed gift box? That may be the perfect alcohol gift set for her.

This box, in particular, contains 12 doors, behind which the recipient will find a can of White Claw in a different flavor. They can slip slowly or open all doors at once and have a big party, as White Claw often inspires drinkers to do.

12. Just Add Whiskey

Now, not all alcohol gifts sets for him or her will come with actual booze. What they do provide are all the fixings to make the recipient's next drink even tastier.

Take this Just Add Whiskey kit as an example. The person will have to provide their whiskey. In return, though, they receive whiskey sour mix, bourbon smoked sugar and cherries, aromatic bitters, and more.

If whiskey's not what you're looking for, you can also find champagne, gin, bourbon, and tequila-centric options here.

Purchase the Perfect Alcohol Gift Sets

This list of alcohol gift sets should show you that there is so much out there that you can find a drink for anyone. So, consider their favorite booze and buy a box that suits their taste. You're sure to have a hit gift on your hands.

And don't forget to check back with us for more tips on drinks, eats and, of course, catering.

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