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Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Caterer

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Irrespective of what kind of event you're having, there is much planning and brainstorming behind a successful event. You must look after various aspects, including event venue selection, food catering, and decor. All this may involve numerous meetings with different vendors. However, while talking to the potential private full-service caterers, remember that aside from the food plating and taste, the caterer must also check other boxes.

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Below, we have listed every question you must ask your caterer before hiring them!

1. Are You Available on Our Requested Date?

The first question you must ask the catering company is if they are available on your requested date. You must also inquire if they have any other catering commitments to look after on that day. Being the only commitment means getting a more personalized experience and service from your chosen caterers.

2. Tell Us About Your Experience

You must look for someone who knows what they are doing and have enough experience. Therefore, ask the vendor about their experience. How many clients have they served? And what cuisine do they specialize in? You should also inquire if they have previously served at your event venue. If yes, it will be advantageous as they would already be familiar with the venue's rules.

3. What Type of Meal Service Do You Offer?

Irrespective of what occasion or event it is, the food you serve influences the overall vibe of the celebration. Therefore, ask about your chosen catering company's cuisine and style of serving and ensure that it matches your vision.

For example, some caterers may offer buffet-style serving while others specialize in plated meals.

4. Do You Provide All the Rentals?

You will need the necessary rentals to offer a luxury dining experience, including tables, tablecloths, flatware, glassware, chairs, and plates. Inquire with the respective caterers and see if they can provide those as part of the catering package. Assuming they will, you must also ensure that the style of these rentals matches the decor and aesthetic of your event.

5. What Are the Inclusions in Your Package?

Transparency is essential when booking a catering company. Ask about additional fees, like gratuity and service charges, and upgrade costs that can affect your budget. Therefore, ensure clarity about the package's inclusions and ask the caterer if they usually add extra charges to the invoice. For instance, specific brands of alcohol, vendor service, and a champagne toast may cost extra; hence it's best to be aware of these beforehand and avoid any uncomfortable conversations later on.

6. Do You Offer Food Tastings?

If you're planning a significant event and spending a lot of money, you should be able to taste the caterer's food before finalizing them. It will help you know their portion sizes and plating style and offer feedback. Ask if there would be any differences between the tasting menu and what will be served at your party. Some catering companies may charge extra for tastings, which can be pricey, but some may not. So check with your chosen catering company upfront to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

About David Alan Caterers

Asking the questions mentioned above will help you choose the best catering service company. At David Alan Caterers, we produce stunning, unforgettable events for our clients. We have a team of culinary, design, and event planning professionals, making us one of the top catering companies in the New Jersey & New York City area. Our clients choose us for our professionalism and high-quality services. For more contact us at 973-884-4040, write to, or fill out our online contact form.


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