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4 Benefits of Using Office Lunch Catering

A 2015 study of firefighters found that colleagues who eat together work better together. The act of sitting down to break bread as one improved their performance and created a sense of cohesion.

2020 is the year of the rise of catering. Employees want to meet over a meal in the comfort and safety of the office. Business owners can respond to this shift by offering office lunch catering that is healthy, convenient, and has lots of variety.

Are you wondering, "Should I get catering for the office?" Below, we highlight four reasons why the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Sandwich Platter - Corporate Catering NJ
Gourmet Deli Sandwich Platter from David Alan Caterers

Lunch That Comes to You

By 2030, virtual food businesses and catering companies will be the norm. Restaurants will dedicate more space for delivery and takeout.

One of the most apparent benefits of office lunch catering: you don't have to sacrifice work time for the organization.

Is a meeting running late? Maybe you have a staff member celebrating a birthday? Whether you're catering for five or five thousand people, pick up the phone and place a lunch order.

And of course, since a catering company delivers food to your doorstep, you can stay safe inside the office. No more donning a mask and braving the public for a bite to eat.

Nutrition-Packed Lunches

What you eat matters for your overall health. Without the right fuel, our bodies can't perform at their best. According to the WHO, a balanced lunch improves productivity by as much as 20 percent.

Employers should work with a catering company that focuses on providing balanced yet delicious meals. If you have people with dietary restrictions in your workplace, such as vegans or employees with allergies, be sure to make that known to your caterer.

By eating a nutritious lunch packed with whole grains, lean protein, and fresh vegetables and fruit, employees set themselves up for a productive afternoon and evening.

Office Lunch Catering Has Variety

With the rise of office canteens, free lunch company perks, and pandemic restrictions, staying in for lunch has never seemed more attractive to employees.

Caterers are not only experts at gourmet food creation. They also know how to put together menus with style. They source local, quality, seasonal ingredients and pair that with menu options set to suit any business lunch occasion.

With a range of hot and cold prepared food, breakfast and luncheon menus, and a wide array of deli sandwich platters to choose from, culinary experts like David Alan Caterers have New Jersey business needs covered. Whether you're putting on a spread for visiting business guests or providing healthy yet exciting employee lunches every day, a corporate catering company, like David Alan Caterers, can help fulfill your needs.

Nothing you see on the caterer's website hits the mark? Don't be shy to ask for a custom menu. There's no job too big or too small for David Alan Caterers.

Helps Reduce Employee Turnover

In the USA, around a third of people in employment are actively looking for new jobs.

12 out of 100 employees leave their job because they're seeking a better work-life balance. 11 out of 100 employees go in response to inadequate management practices.

Offering catered lunches at your workplace may go some way to remedying these issues.

Eating lunch as a team can help staff and management bond. With office lunch catering benefits, employees don't have to spend time making it, giving them more free time at home.

Food Without the Fuss

Office lunch catering provides employees, clients, and business visitors with a healthy, convenient, and varied alternative to takeout or dine-in lunches—all at a price that can be as budget-friendly or extravagant as you need it to be.

Are you looking for quality office catering in New Jersey? Contact David Alan Caterers today to discuss menu options for your workplace.


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