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The Ultimate Guide to NJ Catering: Trends, Tips, and Top Choices

Whether for a corporate meeting or an intimate wedding, catering is one of the most critical factors for a successful event. Picking the right food choices will keep your guests happy and satisfied, but it's easy to get this wrong if you need to consider the right factors.

NJ Catering

Current Catering Trends in NJ

New Jersey has a thriving culinary scene reflected in the excellent catering choices across the state. If you're having trouble deciding on the right style of food for your event, here are some of the top trends this year:

  • Supporting local businesses: Sourcing ingredients locally, from farmers to delis, has become popular, supporting local businesses. This leads to fresher ingredients that result in a great overall taste and experience.

  • Eco-friendly catering: Whether you're an eco-conscious couple or a green business, you'll find many caterers in NJ that advertise eco-friendly practices. This includes sourcing ingredients responsibly and reducing food and cutlery waste.

  • Dietary restrictions: Keeping track of your guests' dietary restrictions can be challenging. Many caterers will help by customizing their menus to meet those needs while providing vegetarian and vegan options to ensure everyone has a delicious meal.

  • Wide selection of themes: Caterers offer a vast selection of authentic foods and flavors to meet the needs of any clientele. Whether finger foods for the Super Bowl or beef brisket for Christmas, having a diverse selection means you can fulfill any culinary interest.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer

Determine What Your Event's Needs Are

This includes the number of guests, desired theme, and dietary restrictions. Make a note of everything so you can inform your caterer about your needs.

Ask About Menu Flexibility and Customization

This is especially important if there are certain menu items you don't want to exclude or if you'd like to adjust an existing menu item the caterer offers.

Look at Online Reviews and Testimonials to See How Satisfied Customers Are

Try to go for caterers that receive mostly positive reviews or have much exposure on social media. This ensures they are trustworthy and reliable.

Look For Specialties

Every caterer should have a specialty that they're proud to serve. Some offer fantastic desserts that will wow your guests, while others might specialize in holiday catering menus or authentic international dishes.

In some cases, specialties might not be related to the food but instead to their unique add-on services. For example, David Alan Caterers offers wedding planner services and catering. Providing these services means we can help you create an unforgettable day where the food and wedding experience are inextricably connected.

Real Success Stories

The top NJ catering services have a list of happy clients who use their catering services repeatedly. They can consistently deliver great food and provide fantastic services that complement any event.

If you're searching for exceptional NJ catering, try to pick accomplished caterers who have previously worked with many clients. If they have some real success stories to tell, they have a proven track record of exceptional service and credibility to their name.

Venue Recommendations

From wedding receptions to corporate events, high-level NJ caterers have worked with various clients at different venues. This experience helps them make excellent event venue recommendations in NJ regardless of what kind of event their client is planning.

In some cases, the caterer might also have a venue to recommend. At David Alan Caterers, we offer a trendy boutique event space in NJ called The Warehouse, perfect for micro weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, fundraisers, and corporate events.

This makes it much easier for a client to choose a great location to host their event, and the caterer can use their experience at the venue to help with the planning process.

Seasonal Catering

Catering services typically offer seasonal menus for all kinds of events. This demonstrates a caterer's ability to adapt their skills to different menus, to highlight and utilize fresh produce for each season, and also their ability to be flexible and creative.

From the Super Bowl to Christmas, our team at David Alan Caterers creates unique seasonal menus for every holiday occasion. No matter what time of year it is, our menus take full advantage of fresh seasonal produce, and we theme our menus to deliver iconic seasonal favorites that everyone loves.

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