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Tips For Finding The Perfect Caterer For Your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, so you want it to be perfect. Your wedding dinner is a big part of that. It is the time when you get to relax and spend time chatting with friends and family. It is also where you get to have your first dance and make fond memories that will last a lifetime. That last thing you want is to be worried about the food ruining your day. So here are some tips on finding the perfect caterer for your wedding.

Find A Caterer That Has Your Same Vision

Take your time and research to find a caterer that fits your vibe and vision. Doing this will save a ton of time by only meeting with companies you already like. You don't need to waste your time on companies you can tell you will not love. Once you have narrowed them down, it will be time to meet them and select the company that can see the big picture. Have them create a party menu template to ensure you both have the same vision for your wedding day.

Pretty Only Gets You So Far

Taking time to sample the food you will be serving at your wedding is recommended and should be a must. Make sure you don't skip this part of the interview process because the food may look pretty. You will want to taste each item to make sure you like it. You don't want the first time you taste your caterer's food to be your wedding day, or it could put a damper on your mood.

Check References

It is ok to check references. Ask your caterer for recent events and contact numbers. When it comes to your wedding, you want to leave nothing to chance. A good caterer should have no problem providing references to happy customers.

Ask For Your All-In Costs

Getting hit with a surprise bill can make for an awkward and uncomfortable wedding day. Getting an itemized breakdown will help you know your actual cost. The price should include liquor costs, food, and even recommended tips.

If you follow these four simple tips, you can avoid hiring the wrong caterer for your big day and create the wedding program of your dreams. So don't hesitate to start putting together your list of caterers because the good ones will book early.

If you want to work with a wedding caterer that will wow you and your guests, reach out to David Alan Caterers.

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