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The Best Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas from David Alan Caterers

Planning your Christmas dinner is challenging, whether for family, a party, or your colleagues - there are just too many preferences to take care of for everybody. That is unless you prepare a menu that covers all of the bases - or opt for Christmas catering from David Alan Caterers instead. Planning the best Christmas dinner will never be complete without a great dinner to go with it, so here are some of the best Christmas dinner menu options you should consider for your gathering!

Mac and Cheese Bites

No menu is complete without some side dishes, and it's always good etiquette as the host to ensure there are appetizers for your guests. You can't go wrong with mac and cheese, but they're not exactly a shining example of a fancy Christmas dinner. However, they can be a great introduction to your menu as a side or introductory dish!

Rather than traditional mac and cheese that is heavy, creamy, and super unhealthy, you can opt for mini mac and cheese bites that pack a powerful, flavorful punch.

Mini Rice Balls

Having mini rice balls on your menu as a starter or side dish adds much flexibility for your guests. You can add whichever flavoring you want according to your guest preferences, so it's something that you should consider putting on your menu. Generally, the most popular and straightforward rice ball is plain risotto!

Caprese Salad

It doesn't hurt to have an option for guests to feel a little simpler, and these events are often perfect for trying out new things. The Caprese Salad makes for an excellent appetizer for those looking to give it a try, and you'll get the chance to impress your guests with your comprehensive knowledge of different recipes.

When serving a Caprese Salad, try to serve high-end mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, as it makes a noticeable difference!

Balsamic Chicken

If you were going to keep things traditional according to the usual Christmas dinner, you wouldn't be here looking for inspiration! Balsamic chicken is a great menu item, easy to make, and can go well with the vegetables you've prepared for everyone else!

For some additional flavor, add roasted red peppers and fried frizzled onions.

Chicken Marsala

If you're feeling chicken, but balsamic is not what you're looking for, why not try something different, like a chicken marsala? Chicken marsala is a prevalent Italian dish that you should try at least once, and it can help add some class to your Christmas dinner menu! While it's not everyone's favorite, the rich mushroom sauce is just right for Christmas day.

Pro tip: Add a little cream and pancetta to your marsala sauce, and thank us later!

Meat Lasagna

If you're looking for an item you can confidently put on any menu; we can assure you that lasagna is bound to appeal to most of your guests. Not only that, but it's an easy recipe to make, so long as you've got the equipment and time to do so! You can go right making lasagna, but if you're not up to the task, it's on the David Alan Caterers' Christmas catering menu!

Find it here.

Vegetable Lasagna

Only some people you invite to your Christmas event will enjoy eating meat, so it's always a good idea to have vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

Serving a vegetable lasagna may be a popular choice for people who eat meat!


You can only have a few pasta options on one menu, as there's so much you can do with it. Manicotti brings an option for those looking for something rich and creamy without being too much! You also get a few options for vegetarians with this menu item, as you don't have to fill every pasta sleeve with meat!

Vegetarians often need help at big get-togethers, usually only limited to one or two options on the menu - now's the time to change that!

Brisket of Beef

The beef brisket is perfect for large gatherings if you're looking for something that goes well with other meal options. Having it catered and ordering the full pan gives you and your guests the flexibility to have their fill and still have some leftovers! Beef is great for Christmas day events, and the more you have leftover - the better! Feeding a crowd with one menu item can be challenging, but a brisket of beef can go a long way.


Having Christmas catering done for your event can give you and your guests something to look forward to.

If you're interested in placing an order for Christmas catering, call David Alan Caterers at (973)-884-4040 or contact us on our website.


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