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From Design to Dining: A Look at Food Packaging

People say that you eat with your eyes first, and food packaging takes that into account. How can packaging be both functional and attractive enough for you to pick up and put it into your cart? It takes work!

Have you ever wondered how the whole process comes together? Maybe you're thinking about making and marketing a new food product and you know that food packaging design is one of the most important elements (aside from the food itself, of course).

If this sounds like you, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn all about food packaging supplies, styles, and more.

It All Starts With a Design

If this isn't a one-person show, you're going to want to hire some professional designers to help with this part of the process. If you happen to be an adept designer, you might be able to take this into your own hands.

Start with a basic design that showcases your brand. Branding is important because it helps people associate certain images, words, and designs with you and your company.

Think of recognizable food brands. Morningstar Farms, for example, has consistent green packaging with a custom font.

This doesn't happen by accident. Someone came up with that! Get a general idea in mind so that a designer can do the rest of the work.

Functionality Is Key

A great design doesn't mean much if it doesn't hold and showcase your product effectively.

You know this problem. You have a food product and the container is hard to hold, or hard to open or close. These are annoying problems and they may make the consumer more likely to find alternatives.

Many brands try to make new and improved packaging, but even those sometimes fall through the cracks because they're too different.

While the design is important, the ability to actually use the item is what's going to help you sell it.

Materials Matter

Many companies are going for "green" packaging. For some, this means pre-recycled packaging. For others, the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.

Many materials have personalized fonts and designs printed with some kind of large-scale printing device, like those made by videojet. Finding a good printer or printing company is key here so that you have consistency.

While plastics are most common, many businesses are going for plastic-free packaging where they're able to support the environment. There are many earth-friendly options available for food packaging.

Focus Groups for Refinements

Many businesses use focus groups when they're working on packaging. They'll ask which package looks the most visually appealing and why? Which of these is easiest to hold and use? What are you most likely to grab at the store?

This information is used to refine the product packaging to appeal to the greatest number of customers.

Food Packaging Is a Process

The way that your food is packaged matters! Whether you're curious about food packaging or you're looking into packaging for your own brand, hopefully this guide provided some insight.

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