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Everything to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Catering Service

If you're going to have a wedding to remember, you'd better have excellent catering.

Planning a wedding is no small feat. Between booking a venue, sending invites, planning seating arrangements, decor, and entertainment, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.

And then there's catering. If you have excellent catering at your wedding at the end of the day, your guests will leave satisfied. Finding the right caterer should take precedent over most other aspects of wedding planning for that reason.

In this post, we will tell you what to consider when choosing a wedding catering service. There are many out there, but you need to find the right one for your wedding and your guests.

Experience and Reputation

When you hire a catering company, you'll want to know you're getting the best service for your money. Some couples decide to hire friends or family to handle the food, but that can quickly go wrong.

Experience and reputation are everything in the catering industry. Reading online reviews before you hire one is crucial in finding a caterer that meshes with your needs.

When you get David Alan Caterers, you're getting over 30 years of experience. With that comes a top reputation for both service and food quality.

Food That Looks and Tastes Good

For your wedding, you need food that comes from high-grade products, which come from sustainable practices. The food should always be cooked from scratch because you and your guests will tell the difference.

The cooks at David Alan Caterers all have backgrounds working in some of the finest kitchens in the New Jersey-New York City area. You can rest assured that you'll be getting dishes that reflect the current culinary landscape.

Taste is just one part of the equation, however. When it comes to weddings, you need your food to look as good as it tastes. Putting thought into how the food is presented and how it fits into your wedding motif will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Taking Your Input

You want a caterer who will work alongside you to create dishes that reflect yours and the people attending your wedding's tastes. Do you have an extensive vegetarian or vegan contingent among your invitees? Your caterer should be able to make delicious food, no matter the restrictions.

Our team of caterers and event planners will sit down with you to first listen to your needs, then craft a menu that reflects those needs. We're here to support your vision, not inhibit it.

Great Waiting Staff

Having a friendly and helpful wait staff is the last crucial component of an excellent wedding catering service. This is where the quality of experience resides, which is why we only hire the best and most qualified event staff to serve you and your guests.

Find Your Wedding Catering Service

Now that you know what to look for in a wedding catering service, it's time to start your search. If you're in the New Jersey, NYC area, look no further than David Alan Caterers. Since 1986, we've been bringing our culinary expertise to weddings and private and corporate events in the region.

Contact us today to discuss your wedding or request a free quote from our website. We'll bring you the best wedding catering experience possible.


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