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Every Which Way: 7 Trending Recipes for Crab Legs

Did you know that Americans eat and import more crab than any other country in the world? Crab legs are a favorite food amongst coastal American towns.

Have you tried this delectable seafood treat? If not, now is the perfect time to learn how to prepare crab legs!

Read our article to learn all about the top 7 trending recipes for cooking and preparing crab legs!

1. Try Crab Legs Coated in Butter

Crab legs are world-renowned for their succulent meat. The only thing that can enhance crab leg flavor is a thick coat of butter! French cuisine uses butter every chance possible.

Take a tip from this culinary capital of the world. Try coating your crab legs in butter! The buttery taste will bring out the flavor of the crab legs as well. This recipe can be elevated with a pinch of salt as well.

If you would like to elevate the simplicity then consider adding garlic to your butter sauce. Garlic is a wonderful additive for seafood dishes. Ready to try a garlic butter dipping sauce for your crab legs? Good luck!

2. Seafood Chefs: Boil Your Crab

Did you know that there are multiple cooking methods to achieve tender crab meat? Some crab cooking techniques involve baking and pan-frying.

However, boiling your crab with the shell still intact can lead to soft and tender crab meat. Consider boiling your crab meat next time you find the ingredient in your fridge!

You can pair your boiled crab with a variety of side dishes like rice pilaf. Boiled crab provides a soft and flavorful bite for all of your dinner guests to enjoy!

You can rosemary and bay leaves into the boiling water as well for an added depth of flavor. Enjoy experimenting with possible flavor combinations!

3. Cooking Seafood With Cheese

There are some cooking rules that chefs refuse to bend or break. Pairing seafood with cheese is taboo for some chefs.

Other culinary professionals, however, are in favor of experimenting with different flavor profiles. Crab is on the frontier of seafood cooking culture.

Crab is also an easy ingredient to flavor. The right preparation and ingredients can help you create an unforgettable crab dish.

Purchase quality crab and cheeses to take your dish to the next level! White cheeses, like feta, are a great place to start when crafting crab dishes.

4. Top Recipes for Vegan Crab Legs

Are you enjoying a plant-based diet? Don’t worry, there are plenty of vegan crab leg dishes for you to try as well.

Plant-based crab legs try to recreate the flavor of the crab. However, vegan crab legs taste slightly different. You can enjoy the benefits of vegan crab legs the same you enjoy traditional crab legs.

Plant-based crab legs can offer you more vitamins and minerals as well. Vegan crab legs are often made from tofu or soy.

Keep this in mind if you have dietary restrictions or are allergic to soy. In this case, enjoy regular crab legs if you are able to do so!

5. Mix Crab Legs With Crab Cakes

Did you know that different types of crab can add different flavor profiles to your dish? Specialty chefs keep this in mind while preparing their dishes.

That is why crab meat has birthed a variety of dishes. For example, you can cook your crab meat in a soft and tender form.

Once your crab meat is soft and tender, you can mash the crab meat into crab cakes. Crab cakes are a delicious way to enjoy quality crab meat!

Cooking crab cakes requires access to other ingredients like vegetables, flour, and seasonings. Mix all of these ingredients together in a bowl.

Coat a pan with butter and pan-fry your mixture. It is a good idea to cook your crab cakes until they are golden brown.

6. Experiment With Crab Leg Sushi

It is important to note that crab meat should never be eaten raw. This does not have to stop you, however, from enjoying crab leg sushi!

This is because raw fish and vegetables can be combined with cooked crab meat! These flavor profiles create an unforgettable meal for any seafood lover!

Don’t worry, learning how to make sushi does not have to be complicated or confusing. Begin by working with ingredients that you enjoy.

There are tons of free resources to help you learn how to become a pro sushi chef as well! Enjoy the process of learning how to make sushi!

7. Crabs Legs in Hollandaise Sauce

A classic take on crab meat involves a beloved sauce. Hollandaise sauce is a mixture of egg and cream.

For a traditional take on the recipe, pair your crab and sauces with an English muffin. Serving your creation this way makes for a delicious complete meal! Let's dig in!

Consider adding some greens to the plate for a balanced meal. Broccoli pairs exceptionally well with Hollandaise sauce.

It is always a good idea to make an extra batch of sauce because it will be a fan favorite!

Ready to Try These Trending Recipes?

Now you know all about the top 7 trending recipes for crab legs! Which recipes were your favorites?

Remember, you can pair crab meat with a variety of ingredients that will highlight the flavor profile of this delicious seafood.

If at this point you're craving delicious crab legs, contact us today to plan your menu with crab legs for your next event.


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