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Creating Your Dream Wedding Menu: Tips and Trends for 2023

Your wedding day is one of life's most significant events and moments. As the bride, you want it to be nothing less than perfect and magical, which is understandable.

While there's much planning, know that you can never spend too much time or give too much attention to the foods you serve and the wedding catering details. Here you can learn about creating your dream wedding menu and gather some tips and trends for 2023.

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Tips for Creating Your Dream Wedding Menu

Your first task is to get ideas and insights on what you can serve and what the two of you think based on your personal preferences. The following are a few tips to apply as a couple while creating your dream wedding menu and narrowing down your options.

Take into Consideration the Venue & Time of Year

Consider your wedding venue, environment, or theme and the time of year when creating your dream wedding menu. For example, you'll have a much different menu for a beach wedding in the summertime than a rustic wedding in winter. The foods you serve and how you choose to serve them will also be determined and influenced by the venue and if it's a formal setting or a more casual layout.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Creative

Feel free to get creative, mix it up, and think outside the box as you plan your wedding menu. For example, you may want a taco bar or different tasting stations instead of a formal sit-down dinner and a meal served to each individual. One opportunity to do something new or different is when you serve appetizers during cocktail hour or with the desserts and dessert table. Work with your caterer to see if they have any great ideas based on their experiences and other weddings they've done.

Participate in A Tasting

No matter what you do, you should always participate in a tasting with the caterer you're planning to use. This is a great exercise and a way to narrow down your choices based on what looks and tastes the best to you and your future spouse. It's a chance to ask questions and ensure you are delighted with the foods you select before serving them to your guests on your wedding day. You should take the time to do a cake tasting so that it's what you want and envision.

Popular Wedding Catering Trends for 2023

It's also important to educate yourself on and learn more about the most popular wedding catering trends for 2023 before making a final decision. Below is a list of some of the hottest and trendiest foods and drinks you'll see this year at weddings.

  • Champagne towers

  • Dessert tables

  • Reinvented comfort foods

  • Fine dining experiences

  • Using locally sourced ingredients

  • Interactive food stations

  • Vintage inspired cakes

  • Creative cocktails

Other Ideas to Keep in Mind

It's a good idea always to remember that every person has unique tastes and allergies or foods that are disliked or off-limits. You can't please everyone, but you can at least offer various options at your wedding.

However, always remember that your wedding menu should ultimately reflect your and your groom's preferences and personal tastes. Therefore, while you can be considerate of others, you shouldn't make significant changes based on your guests' wishes.

You want your wedding food to fit the mood, venue, and theme of your wedding. No matter what foods you pick or how you serve them, the menu on your wedding day should reflect you two. Plan, take your time, and don't feel rushed or allow yourself to make decisions based on outside influences. Account for allergies or other suggestions, but at the end of the day, you want your wedding menu to be what you want.


You should feel more equipped, confident, and excited to design and prepare your wedding menu for 2023. These are some tips and trends to remember as you perfect your menu and the foods and desserts you serve. Try your best not to stress too much during the event planning process and instead sit back and be happy about your choices and truly enjoy every bite once your wedding day arrives and the food is served.


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