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5 Important Qualities to Look For When Choosing Wedding Catering

Cater to yourself.

Your wedding is your special day. It's about you, your partner, and both of your greatest desires. Everyone likes to eat, so make your wedding catering all about what you want.

But there are dozens of wedding catering companies in every metropolitan area. You need to know how to choose a wedding caterer. It's about more than the food.

Here are five factors to look for as you choose wedding catering.


Good food comes from experience. You should consider the catering service that has been in operation the longest. But you should consider some other things as well.

A good chef knows every station and has explored multiple traditions, and a good catering service knows the venue. They have strong references, working with suppliers and customers alike.

Go on a service's website and see how they describe their experience. Go on online review websites like Yelp and read the feedback there. Break down where any service's strengths and weaknesses lie.


Nearly every wedding requires multiple dishes. Some guests have allergies or dietary restrictions, and others are picky or have strong tastes.

Make sure your service can accommodate your needs. Ask about how they handle allergens and dietary laws.

Ask them about the cuisines they offer. You don't have to stick with one particular cuisine.

You can diversify your options, featuring dishes from a range of backgrounds. If a catering service is unwilling to prepare a flexible menu, consider a different company.

Tasting Sessions

The best way to know if a service is right for you is to taste their offerings. Call the company and request a tasting session.

Taste everything you are considering for your wedding, including hors d'oeurves. Take notes on what you're eating. Ask questions about the preparations of dishes and what drinks should accompany each dish.

Attention to Detail

Many meals are about little things. A chef should prepare good garnishes. They should care about presentation, setting dishes out in an appealing manner.

A catering service should remember you. They should note what you want and what you don't like. They should develop a good relationship with you.

Don't work with anyone whose personality doesn't appeal to you. Your wedding is a celebration of yourself and your love. Don't settle for someone whom you don't like.

Budgeting for Wedding Catering

You need to factor in several costs. The most apparent prices are food and labor. Catering services will give you quotes for each.

But you need to factor in party linens, cleaning, and other provisions. Walkthrough the costs with your caterer, and if they hide a fee from you, don't hire them.

What Is a Good Wedding Caterer?

Not all wedding catering is alike. You need to break down different wedding catering companies to find the best service for you.

Research a company's experience and flexibility. Schedule a tasting session, and evaluate every dish you want. Notice a company's attention to detail and how they organize costs for your special day.

Find the caterer that maximizes all five of these qualities. David Alan Caterers has more than thirty years of experience in New Jersey and New York catering. Contact us today, or call us at 973-884-4040.


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