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3 Catering Tips to Help You Take Your Event to the Next Level

Do you have a large event looming in your future?

Are you overwhelmed with all the planning and considerations? From event location and music offerings to narrowing down dates, times, and hiring vendors—there's a lot to think about and organize. Something else on your plate as a host is just that: what's going on the plates?

We're talking about food. Have you decided on a caterer yet? Have you even thought about the menu yet? No?

It's time to start thinking about everyone's favorite part of any event: the food. We're here as catering experts to provide catering tips that'll make this portion of the planning process a breeze.

Don't blow the party—keep reading.

1. Avoid the Most Common Catering Mistakes

Take our word for it: making some of the following mistakes can put a serious damper on your event. Luckily, others have hosted events before you, meaning there's tons of insight online about what to avoid. Learn from their mistakes, and your catering will go off without a hitch.

Some of the most common errors that event planners make are:

  • Not holding a strict RSVP policy and/or mistaking the number of guests in attendance

  • Forgetting to plan for your budget instead of Googling businesses like this affordable catering service

  • Neglecting to compare your options

  • Disregarding things like dietary restrictions or allergies of your attendees

  • Failing to plan your menu accordingly

Heed our advice and watch out for these common pitfalls. You'll be glad you did!

2. Plan a Delicious, Memorable Menu

There are two ways to go about planning your food menu.

You can make an executive decision and plan it yourself, choosing items you think will suit a large variety of tastebuds. By now, you'll know any food restrictions or food allergies that your guests have, and you can work with that information. It's in good practice to ask this question when sending out an invite for any professional event that has food.

The other method is giving your guests a choice. You can narrow down a few options and then offer them—for example, your guests can respond "Yes" and check a box for Fish, Chicken, or Pork. Once you've gathered all your responses, you can work with a caterer to make sure the numbers match the food quantity.

Part of planning a menu also includes drinks. Decide whether you'll offer alcohol or not, what types of soft drinks you'll have (if any), and how you to provide ample self-serve water. Whether your event is "wet" or "dry" affects the caterer you choose.

3. Learn How to Hire a Caterer That's Right for Your Event

The benefits of hiring a caterer include not having to fret over your food service. To ensure this happens, do the proper research into choosing a catering company.

What are their average reviews online? How long have they been catering? What is the scope of their offerings—i.e., can they provide as much food as your event garners?

Have an interview with your caterer to discuss the hopes of your party and if they can fulfill your needs. You may even ask to sample their food to make sure it's something you can stand behind providing.

Catering Tips for a Flawless (And Filling) Event

There you have it: the best advice we can offer to any event planner excited to host a fabulous occasion.

The catering tips and tricks above will ensure your guests are happily fed and more inclined to hear your message. We hope everything goes well.

As you continue to plan your event, please keep coming back to our page for any insight regarding food, drinks, and service!


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