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10 Reasons to Host a Corporate Holiday Party at Your Office

With the holidays coming up, it's time to start thinking about how you will raise the spirits of your employees and reward them for their hard work this holiday season. Corporate holiday parties can be anything you want to make of them, and this year, why not consider hosting your holiday party in the office?

It might not be your first thought when you're thinking festive, but many benefits come with hosting it in the workplace that you and your employees can appreciate. That doesn't mean you should avoid putting in the extra effort, but you can make your office the perfect spot for a corporate holiday event.

It's Convenient for Everyone

First and foremost, you don't risk dragging anyone in your employment out to a place they can't reach. You never know what people's plans are, and having the party in the office means you already know that your employees can get to it easily, as they're already planning to show up!

It Looks Great From an Outsider's Perspective

When hiring, you need your applicants to want the position you're offering them. The more benefits you have available, the better pick of applicants you'll have. Office parties that benefit everyone can be something you can proudly add to your list!

You Save Money

Of course, one of the main benefits of hosting the corporate holiday party in the office is that you're saving a large chunk of money - or at least freeing it up for something else. Booking a venue for you and your team to stay at can be expensive, and that money can be better invested elsewhere - like excellent catering!

Saving money doesn't mean you should skimp out on everything, though, as decorations are still essential to setting the scene. You want everyone to get in the mood, and now you've got an extra reason to get the workplace decorated throughout this year's holiday season.

Great Memories

If there's one thing that's good for morale, it's great memories. You want your employees to think fondly of your workplace, and having your holiday party in the office might help! If you throw a great party with food and music for everyone to enjoy, they'll remember it from time to time while at work. It's not associated with the workplace, and the anticipation for it might start to build year after year if you do it right!

You Can Bring in the Family

To expand on creating those great memories of the workplace, it could be an excellent time to allow employees to bring their families, or at least a plus one! People don't often get the opportunity to show off their workplace to those close to them, so why not try it now?

Everyone is Already There

A problem many corporate holiday party plans have is that they need to account for employee availability. Most people are fighting for free time or for time with their families during the holiday season, and you don't want to add to that struggle. Instead, having it at the office during work hours makes it so much easier for everyone - and you might find people have a much easier time letting their hair down and relaxing!

Planning Takes Time

Getting everything lined up and booked can take up much of your time, which is optional. When you're partying in the office, there's no more stressing about whether everything will go right - you're in control and don't need to spend anywhere near as much time planning.

It's Far More Rewarding

Yet another problem with planning an evening or away event is that people still need time off work. Hosting your party during work hours means your employees are rewarded with more than just a party, but the day off.

Everyone is Going to Show Up

Busy schedules aren't going to stand in the way of an office party because it will be on a work day. It's convenient for everyone, so your investment is well-spent if people can't make it. You can be sure you will keep the money you've spent on corporate catering, and your employees will happily show up for a party in place of a work day.

It's Safer for Employees

Employees won't have to worry about leaving anything in the office by mistake, as they'll be back for it next time they're working. Driving for an hour out of town and leaving a gift given at the party can be soul-shattering, so this is a great reason to keep things close to home.


Are you thinking about planning a corporate holiday party and needing the help of an experienced caterer? Contact us at David Alan Caterers to begin planning your corporate holiday party today!

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