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Boxed Lunch Catering

Customizable Boxed Lunch Catering for Any Event

Lunch is important, especially when you have hard-working employees and hungry guests to feed. Eating a fulfilling lunch will give you plenty of extra energy to help you stay focused and satiated until dinner time. Sadly, many of us go for convenience options such as local fast food joints or snack bars that are quick and easy but don't fill our nutritional needs. You might get tired of your local lunch options or find them rather bland and tasteless after having them so many times.

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boxed lunch catering


Expert Boxed Lunch Catering by David Alan Caterers

At David Alan Caterers, our professional team tailors hassle-free boxed lunch catering services to fit your specific needs. With over 30 years of experience, we've catered to businesses, offices, hospitals, and other groups. Choose from nutritious salads or classic comfort foods like sandwiches and potato chips. Let us satisfy your appetite with our delicious boxed lunch meals.

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Perfectly Balanced Meals for Your Corporate and Social Events

We like to mix things up with our meals at David Alan Caterers. We have classic scales such as grilled chicken salads and sandwiches, but we also want to add delicious dressings, healthy snacks, and baked goods to help create a well-rounded and nutritional meal. You can eat our boxed lunches confidently, knowing that everything was made fresh on the day and that we take our ingredients seriously. This means reducing salt content and saturated fats, and instead making food that is full of good nutrients and healthy carbohydrates. Your team works hard, and they deserve to be fed with good food daily, which our boxed lunch catering services can offer.

Gourmet Boxed Lunch Catering

Boxed lunch catering is a fantastic option for cases like this. They're healthy, delicious, full of variety, and will be delivered straight to your location. We can guarantee various options, including vegetarian meals, vegan lunches, or even gluten-free alternatives. Having a variety of meals like this means plenty of choices and no more boring lunches.

We even focus on the presentation of our lunch boxes so that your staff and guests look forward to their meals. There's a saying that we eat with our eyes first, which you'll experience personally when your team comes into the lunch room and see our assortment of delicious boxed lunches.

boxed lunch catering

Contact David Alan Caterers Today

Are you interested in feeding your team in New Jersey with a delectable selection of boxed lunches? Contact our boxed lunch catering team today to learn more about our available options. We'd be happy to create a personalized menu for you and your group.

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