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The 6 Best Recipes To Try Out This Fall

When you think of the autumn season the things that come to mind are pumpkin, apple, cranberry, maple, and spice, but how you can incorporate that in the dishes that you prepare?

With fall quickly approaching, you might be looking for some brand new recipes to try in the kitchen. Making some delicious fall recipes is the perfect way to kiss the summer season goodbye and welcome the cooler weather.

If you're looking for the best recipes to try so that you can be cozy this season, then we have you covered.

Keep reading for our guide to six of the best recipes that you need to try out this fall season.

1. Caramelized Apple Mac and Cheese

One of the best new recipes to try this fall is a caramelized apple mac and cheese. The name in itself screams fall. Mac and cheese is a hearty dish but you're not going to want to opt for the box stuff.

Instead, opt for mac and cheese that is a little sweet and a lot savory. You'll be adding, sauteed apples, onions, and even a hard cider reduction to this delicious cheesy mac and cheese.

If you're looking for the perfect pots and pans to get you cooking this fall season, then check out Rachael Ray's Cookware Collection. You can see reviews about the entire set and read more now.

2. Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Hummus

Are you looking for one of the best lunch recipes to try? Then why not snack on some roasted garlic pumpkin hummus.

This hummus has a little bit of sweetness which makes it the perfect option for your lunch. It is also a great dairy-free option!

You'll find that this recipe is very easy to make and it can be addicting. Which is a good thing because you'll be wanting to make it over and over again!

It is basically your standard hummus recipe, but with canned pumpkin and maple syrup to sweeten it up. It is still a delicious savory treat thanks to the garlic so there are lots of things that you will want to be dipping in this hummus.

Check out the recipe for the hummus here.

3. Pumpkin Chorizo Pizza

Another one of our favorite best recipes to try today is pumpkin-inspired and is also one of our favorite foods. Pumpkin chorizo pizza is a recipe that you need to try immediately!

This is the perfect dish if you're having friends over, planning an at-home date night, or only looking to treat yourself.

The pizza is topped with shaved pumpkin. If you haven't had shaved pumpkin before, you'll find that it melts right in your mouth.

Chorizo compliments the pumpkin very well! It is a pizza so you can put whatever toppings your heart desires.

Get creative with it and come up with your own masterpieces this fall season.

4. Butternut Squash Soup

One of the best new recipes that we couldn't forget to include is one for soup. Soup is a must-have dish for fall because it is cozy and fills your belly.

A butternut squash soup is the perfect flavors for fall and you're going to love this homemade recipe.

It is easy to throw this soup together and your house will smell delicious as it is simmering.

On the plus side, you can also make a huge batch of this soup and then stick it in the freezer. On a later day, you can take it out and warm it up to have some delicious hot soup.

Butternut squash soup calls for potatoes, carrots, celery, and obviously butternut squash. You'll need some seasonings to get the perfect taste as well.

5. Toasted Cider

Who doesn't love sipping on apple cider during the cozy fall season? This can be one of the best dessert recipes to try if you don't want something hearty like a pie, cookies, or cake.

A toasted cider is something quick and easy that you can make for when guests come over or even for yourself! You'll need a few ingredients and some patience to get this delectable drink ready to be severed.

All you'll need to do to begin is heat a gallon of cider on the stove. Then you'll add in some orange zest along with its juices, some brown sugar, and pumpkin pie spice. Then you'll stir and heat everything together.

It shouldn't take you longer than fifteen minutes to make this fantastic drink.

If you want to create an adults-only version of this drink, then feel free to add some spiced rum. You'll thank us later!

Check out the full recipe here for exact measurements of everything.

6. Mini Apple and Raspberry Pies

Everyone needs a dessert to finish off the day and this is one of the best recipes you have to try today! Making mini apple and raspberry pies will have your whole family amazed.

They're cute and adorable, yet also delicious. The taste of raspberry and apple together is something that you must try.

You can make these mini pies in their own separate foils or even make them in a muffin pan. It is so easy that you'll be doing it all the time!

These mini pies are great either hot or cold. You'll want to eat them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a cool fall evening. Plus, everyone gets their own little pie so there isn't going to be any fighting over who gets the bigger slice!

Check out this adorable recipe here!

Best Recipes to Try for Fall

With the leaves changing and the temperature dropping you need to check out these best recipes to try for fall. Be sure to try and experiment in your kitchen and try them all!

You can never go wrong trying a cozy dish that your family will be sure to love. You might even find a new cult favorite that they want you to make every year.

Our website is filled with more information on food-related news. Be sure to keep scrolling so that you can always stay in the loop.


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