• David Alan Caterers

Lunches at Work Don't Have to be Bad or Boring

The quarterly meeting is running longer than expected. No surprise there. You click your pen closed and set it down. In the middle of your CFO going over the year’s budget, your stomach starts to rumble. You look over to the small table of dry danishes and donuts. No more of those, please. Where is lunch? You whisper a quick comment, “I hope it’s not horrible turkey and ham sandwiches.” You CFO looks at his group and responds with, “Let’s break for lunch. See you in twenty minutes.” 

We know meetings can go longer than expected. We also know that fast lunches don’t have to be bad lunches. 

You walk across the room and see a menu you’ve never seen. Don’t worry, your co-worker says. “We got David Alan Caterers.” 

Fast lunches have a connotation of white or wheat bread, one or two slices of ham or turkey, and a bag of chips. Don’t settle for fast lunches like that anymore. It would help if you had variety. Meetings can be dull, don’t let food be dull too. As new studies and opinions come out for 2020 diet trends, we have learned that food diversity is key. According to Dr. Deanna Minich, and her 6 Reasons You Need Food Diversity article, the six reasons highlight the significance of diversity, anti-inflammation, and nutrition. If your company is looking for a diverse buffet for a meeting, check out David Alan Caterer’s Themed Buffet menu

People are regularly diagnosed with food allergies and sensitivities. According to Foodsafety.org’s article about allergies, 2 percent of adults are concerned about food allergies. There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy food with your co-workers. There should be less shame in the allergy game. Speak up and access the food you love.

Additionally, we all know a few picky eaters that are impossible to go out to eat with—someone's sensitivity or allergy should not exclude them from a good lunch—especially at a corporate lunch. It is imperative that when eating or ordering work lunches, we are thinking of people’s specific needs. 

You walk up to the table where the buffet is being served. The only reason you didn’t grab a sandwich from the cafe was the smell of the food puffing from the table (and the line of your co-workers). As you discuss updates from the meeting, it’s your turn in line. You take a deep breath and look at the menu that’s posted by the plates and silverware. Hot Italian Sandwiches (find here)! The bread is golden-brown and smells fantastic. The day just got better. You sit back down in your chair. Work lunches don’t have to mean bad lunch.   

The connotation that corporate lunches are always bad can be stopped. We are all striving to enjoy food and stay healthy at the same time. Any meeting can go a lot faster if you have a great lunch in front of you. If you are in the NJ/NYC area, contact David Alan Caterers to discuss the quality service we have provided to events of all lengths and types.