• David Alan Caterers

Leave Bland Catering in 2019 and Read Our Menu Today

David Alan Caterers is the best at catering in the area, hands down.

With a strong relationship with our premier clients, including the three of the four Big Four accounting firms, leading financial service firms, and various other clients, we have a history of delivering quality food, reasonable prices, and excellent aesthetics. Our clients have had some of the most noteworthy, fabulous, and high-quality events in the area. We have had the privilege of catering hundreds of events--you should be next. 

David Alan Caterers' options cover multiple events, including corporate, wedding, and social events. With our diverse offerings, we promise to hold ourselves to the same standards, whether that is a wedding, corporate conference, or birthday party. Every event is different, individual, and needs to deliver with quality food. 

Our menu is crafted with deep thought and quality precision. We understand that 100 people at a conference can like 100 different foods, and we created our menu to serve every person with thought.

 If your boss just assigned the hospitality arrangements for your annual audit to you, you know you need to deliver. Image and appearance are deeper than a well-fitting suit. Impress your audit staff with our Breakfast Menu. French Toast Station? Yogurt Tray? Omelet Station? We have them all. Much of our food is made to order--guests have food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences, and we cater to that. Be confident that David Alan Caterer has your back and will ensure quality for every guest. 

Salads are the new sandwich. With that being said, you just remembered every friend of yours is a new year gym junkie who only eats salads-- don't worry. We have ten to choose from. You also just remembered that your husband has an event that needs to be catered. Contact us and create a menu that will appeal to all your friends, his clients and colleagues, and the kids you know will be running around. There is nothing like biting into a fresh, green, runny Caesar Salad. Let's get catering crossed off your laundry list of things to do. 

Dessert Stations have been a winning staple at many of our events through the years. When some people think catered dessert, they think of platters of cookies, brownies, and hardened danishes…you won't find that with David Alan Caterers. We have sophisticated, beautiful options like a Chocolate Fountain, S'Mores Bar, or Cupcake Tier, just to name a few. To see our full menu of desserts and more, check it out here. No one wants hard, grocery store cookies, and we can take your party to the next level with our dessert options. 

To see pictures of some of our events, check out our gallery. Food should be a beautiful decoration just as much as it should be a delicious way to escape into your senses for a second. Board meetings that can be as stale as the food that caters them can become a lot more enjoyable with a Mediterranean Buffet. Your sister's birthday party doesn't have to end up with your little cousin in a puddle of tears, try a Mini Taco from the Mini Taco and Guacamole Station. Have your food vision come to a colorful and delicious life with David Alan Caterers. 

We promise to win points with your vegetarian, meat-loving, and dessert-fanatic co-workers, families, or in-laws.

Trust us for your next event and leave feeling full, satisfied and ready for whatever comes your way.