• David Alan Caterers

Catering and Balance Have to be Linked for Event Success

Balance is really important. Yoga and ballet benefit from balance—so does food. Balance in your diet is about more than just eating three green items for every cookie, it’s thoughtful choices in your diet. The choices you make every day in regards to food should be easy to make because the food looks, tastes, and feels good to eat. Food should support your general well being.

When invited to an event, you should not have to choose between balance and well being. Catered food must be incorporated into catering options. If you are the host, you should not have to decide between aesthetics and taste. If you are a guest at an event that is catered, you should be able to eat well-made, diverse food that has balance; David Alan Caterers does that.

We will provide ideas for three types of events that ensure balance and sophistication. Let us prove to you that catering is not platters of un-appetizing edible party favors.


Anniversaries of any kind are exciting, enthralling, and well-deserved. Many years of hard work and dedication result in an anniversary. Whether it’s a wedding or a job’s yearly anniversary, you deserve to celebrate. Our dessert menu is a great place to start. Dessert balance is key to a successful event. You want options for your chocolate lovers, sweet tooth, and diet-conscious friends. However, one sheet cake can’t do all that work; but we can. A few of our options, when paired together, will be perfect: think David Alan’s Candy Cart, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, and a few Seasonal Pastries on a visually appealing table. Some guests can handpick their favorite candies while others make individualized sundaes.

All about balance.

Family Reunion

There is nothing more stressful than choosing food for 35+ cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, and family friends. However, that is the reality of family reunions. There are a few meltdowns, some happy reunions, lots of hugs, and not enough time to run to the grocery store and stuff your SUV full of raw hamburger meat and chips. Let David Alan Caterers supply you with a Party Station. We have everything from Grilled Cheese Stations, Comfort Food Stations, and even a Panini Station. Does your family like Hibachi? Perfect! We have that too. Use a station to centralize your family to one place to enjoy food together. Don’t let your family worry about bringing pickles or a Jello dessert you never liked. Use a Party Station today and indulge in an afternoon meal with laughing, smiling family members around you.

Corporate Launch

Your mobile app is launching. You are more than excited, you are basically exploding with pride. You want your closest colleagues, friends, and family around you, eating good, balanced food with you. For your launch, you need a space and a menu. Lucky for you, we have space and a killer menu for you to choose from. First, check out our Warehouse, a blank canvas that can cater to any event. Next, look at our Appetizers Menu. Choose from balanced options from Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Cocktails to the Grilled Vegetable Platter. We don’t overshadow your events, we support them.

Interested in our services? Connect with us, and let’s talk about your event. We work alongside you to avoid overpowering chocolate at your grandparents’ 50th-anniversary party, think ahead before any tears at your family reunion, and make your app seem even sweeter as your guests munch on a Jumbo Shrimp, fresh and bright with flavor.