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5 Wedding Food Trends for 2021

With the unexpected events of 2020, weddings and wedding food have adapted to new standards and protocols. What does this mean for 2021 wedding food trends?

With shared platters such as cheese plates wedding charcuterie boards off the menu, for now, it can be tricky to predict what couples and their guests will be tucking into on their big day.

Want to learn more about what you can expect to serve on your wedding menu? Take a bite out of our top predictions for wedding food in 2021.

1. Individually Packed Appetizers

Avoiding cross-contamination doesn't mean that you have to nix cocktail hour. You can still serve wedding appetizers. All you have to do is keep the canapes separate, contained in individual portions.

This means that guests can still enjoy having a light bite with their drinks without having to worry about cross-contamination or other people coming into contact with their food.

2. Canned or Pre-made Cocktails

Cocktails are still a staple at any 2021 wedding with a few minor adjustments or tweaks. Bars can still operate with plexiglass or a shield between the bar staff and the guests.

A signature cocktail personalized to the couple is very on-trend, especially if the glass is monogrammed or the premixed can has photos of the couple on.

Premixed cocktails are ideal for those who want little to no wait time for people to be served drinks.

3. Outdoor Cooking or BBQ

With weddings now being hosted outdoors instead of indoors, this means that your wedding catering moves outside as well.

If you're cooking outdoors, why not make the most of it? Think honey-roasted pig, Wagyu beef burgers, and halloumi skewers. There are plenty of excellent outdoor cooking options that can satisfy even the hungriest of wedding guests.

4. Meat-Free Weddings

Due to changes in dietary requirements and lifestyle, fewer people are opting for meat than ever before. Statistics show that red meat consumption has decreased by 15% in the US in the past ten years.

This trend is now reflecting in wedding catering, with plenty of fantastic meat alternatives that means that guests aren't missing out on anything regarding enjoyment and taste.

5. Seasonal Cuisine

Planning a wedding menu based on what fruits and vegetables will be in season is a sure way of ensuring that your dinner will deliver on flavor.

If you are planning a summer wedding, apricots, plums, and cherries will taste beautifully in a summer tart or as part of a seasonal salad.

Or, if you have an autumn wedding, you'll have plenty of squashes and vegetables to choose from, such as pumpkin, eggplant, and carrot.

Imagine a chunky and warming vegetable soup starter that your guests will adore.

Wedding Food: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article on the five top wedding food trends for 2021 has given you a nibble of what you can expect at weddings this year.

With fewer people in attendance, you can be sure that food will play an essential and defining role in the wedding schedule. Expect high-quality produce and intricate ways of presenting it.

Are you hungry for more? Contact us to learn how we can cater your 2021 event with delicious, safe food.


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